2nd Cycle


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It's round 2! My first consisted of Test Cyp. @500
gained 30 lbs. (145-175) and kept 15 (160)

I got slack for a little while... its been about 10 months since the 1st cycle. I gained a little more weight and then cut back down during the summer. Its time for the winter bulk.

currently @:

I will running another test only cycle.
Test E. @ 500
weeks 1-8 Test E.
weeks 10-13 Nolva

I max around 250 bench atm.

I ran into a little test flu since my 1st injection Monday. I have been pretty sick all week. Though, feeling a little better now. Plan on hitting it hard for week two.

any advice for the cycle? is that duration with the Nolva ok?
Skinnyman2580 said:
It's round 2!
Test E. @ 500
weeks 1-8 Test E.
weeks 10-13 Nolva
is that duration with the Nolva ok?
I ran this as my 1st cycle and saw good results. I needed to eat more! Make sure you eat enough. As far as the post cycle therapy (pct) start the Nolva 2 weeks after your last injection or if gyno flares up. You might want to throw in some clomid as well to get the boys working faster.

weeks 15-17 Nolva 40mg ED
weeks 15-17 Clomid 100mg ED
weeks 17-19 Nolva 20mgs ED
weeks 17-19 Clomid 50mgs ED

Good Luck keep us posted with results.
I don't think 22 is too young to run gear. the stats tell a different story, but who am I to judge.He seems to know how to eat as well if he ended up with 15lbs kept, not bad results at all.

Being a conservative dose of Test I think standard Nolva therapy would be sufficient, but everyone reacts different and Clomid may not hurt if you get shut down a littlder than others.

Just do what you did last time, but this time don't slack off after your cycle. Good luck.
fuck it 22 is fine. and I would run the test for 10 weeks at the least.
10-12 weeks is real good. nice dose btw

i like clomid better for post cycle therapy (pct) then nolva. you should have an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) around to keep water off and to come off with. THe suicidal AIs are popular lately. letro is too harsh for post cycle therapy (pct) imo
5' 10 145 before your first cycle? I realize not everyone can put on weight easily, but my guess is you were no where near your natural limit. Even now at 164, you should be focusing on proper diet, training, and building a solid base.
HeHateMe said:
5' 10 145 before your first cycle? I realize not everyone can put on weight easily, but my guess is you were no where near your natural limit. Even now at 164, you should be focusing on proper diet, training, and building a solid base.

yea.... I had a lot of people tell me that I wasnt ready before. I was happy with my gains and felt like it was worth it. I dont think that 22 is too young.

2nd injection was yesterday.. switched from 25 ga. to 22 ga. points. The 22's definately hurt more. I am eating everything in sight. Getting about 200 grams of protein from shakes and about another 200 from lean meat daily. Trying to keep my calories at about 3800 for now.

Not feeling anything yet, but working out like a bitch!


T-bi's & tri's
TR-back & shoulders
F-Legs & light chest

I like to do chest twice a week. It keeps my soreness to a minimum.

Have been working out semi-steady for around 2 years now.

So everyone agrees that clomid is a better choice than nolva?
I'm beginning week 3... Had my injection yesterday. Went back to 25g. points... much less pain.

im working out with:
bench- 3x10-185 lbs.
preacher curl-3x10-115lbs.
squat- 4x8-195lbs.

last max bench was about 5 weeks ago. maxed at 245x2
gonna wait a couple of weeks to try again.

See no changes yet really besides a little more pump and more energy while working out.
I had my 4th inject yesterday. Still no signs really. My appetite hasn't greatly increased like the first cycle of cyp. My weight is still around 162-167 depending on the time of day. It kinda has me worried. The other guy that is running the same cycle with me claims to be seeing gains and a heightened sex drive.

Nothing yet for me though. I'll give it another week or so and see what happens!
Week 5.. FINALLY getting some gains. My weight is hanging between 165-170... I have been eating everything in sight. So I have been putting on a few unwanted pounds as well. I stay away from cardio for the most part. Will work on the abs post cycle.

Got 255 bench twice Monday.

I am starting to thicken up a good bit.

I upped my dosage a hair... because of the late gains.. I decided to extend my cycle to 12-14 weeks... gonna play it by ear after week 10.

Went and got a check up yesterday and everything looks good.
6th poking today.

Man my pump is ridiculous. Much more than last time. I have been lifting really heavy and hard all week. Several times now, especially when working chest I will do about 5 different exercises really hard... then the 6th if feels like my muscles cant take anymore. This has happened twice now, and both times I just packed it up and went home.

Went in the gym to do bi's and forearms directly after injection today and my blood pressure was thru the roof... face and ears were glowing. This is the first time I've had this happen. Sitting at around 172 lbs. now.
The beginning of week 7 and I have never been as strong. I just passed what I maxed in my first cycle. I got 265.. I attempted this twice in cycle 1.. but never got it up alone. Chest is really blown up and extremely strong for me....

Did some dumbell flat bench with 90's and inclines with 75's... 15 lbs. more than ever before with both.

I went and had some more blood tests to make sure everything was cool. It was. My blood pressure had just been worrying me.... but its a little better now. This should be my peak week, so I can't wait! Will update at the end of the week.

Weighing in at close to 175 before I go to bed.

My goal is 185 and keep 175... so it might just happen.

My goal at bench is 295... thats looking like it could be far off though.
sorry been away for a while... missed a week of posting. It's week 9 and I got a little sick last week and couldnt lift for about 4 days.. kinda set me back some..

I havent gained any more weight.. still around 174-177.

I got 275 bench once last week though.
I got 255 4 times last night..

275 is definately a personal best.
I am gonna hit it hard these last few weeks and see what else I can get out of it!

working out with 90lb. dumbells on flat bench... never even thought about lifting those before.

overall I am a lot stronger... I just havent gained that much weight or size in the last 2 weeks.
HEY... I have been lost without my internet for the past month or two. just gonna give everyone a final update of my progress with my Test E cycle.

I did 10 weeks of Test 250 @ 1cc a week... followed up by nolva for 5 weeks.

All test levels are back to normal and sides have gone.

I am sitting at about 173 lbs. A little thicker around the midsection due to eating habits while cycling. Thats ok... still plenty of time to get ready for the beach.

So I gained about 16 lbs. and kept 10lbs.... not quite as good as my first, but i guess the first is always the best.

The most I ever got with bench was 295.. was a personal best. Back down to about 265 or so now though. Overall I am happy with the cycle. I kept the dosage low to avoid a lot of sides.

My next one will definately be stacked though. Anyone have any advice for a good stack for me?