Am I overtraining or do I just need some time off? Both?


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I was doing a version of the 5x5 where I do the same weight for 5x5. Monday of last week I did 5 sets of 205 5, 5, 5, 5, 4. Thursday I had to max out and got a certain weight with a lot of trouble. Me, being really dumb I guess decided that Friday I would max out again 5lbs higher because I thought I could get it. I struggled for about 10 seconds and finally gave up.

Monday (Christmas) when I went back to try and get 205 for 5x5, I got only 3 sets 5, 3, 1 and decided I shouldn't do anymore. I am bulking so I don't think nutrition is an issue.

This is the first time it has happened. Do I just need a week off or what?
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twice. Monday and Thursday. I was thinking about changing my routine to Bill Starr's 5x5 starting next week. I was wondering though what is wrong with me. Has my CNS been taxed too hard?
You should not have maxed out again friday, that was a bad move. You can end up injuring yourself that way.

Take a week off, rest your chest/tris/shoulders.
Alright. I've done abs twice since then and one set of bench just to see if I had recovered which turned out to be a dumb move because my max (rep tested although I didn't go to failure) was about 20lbs lower than my actual bench. Do\id biceps yesterday as well. I'll start the week off as off today. Thanks for the advice.
How long have you been doing this current 5x5 version (sounds like it is BIll Starr's version)? If you just started, remember to not overshoot your current PR's, as you will plateau very quickly.
I use the same weight for all 5 sets so it isn't Bill Starr's version. I've been on this workout plan for about 6 weeks now and it has worked pretty well. I started doing 170 5x5 and made it up to 200 5x5 and just missed 205.

I plateau on most workout plans before they're even half over. I think it's because I never really ate enough but I'm getting enough now. I've eased back since I haven't worked out hard for awhile getting on a guess 2800 calories just until I start lifting again. I'm aiming at 3500 calories while I'm lifting.
Another friend of mine recommended a taper or just to start back 15lbs or so from where I was before. Should I do that or just rest as said before?
Try posting up your routine Mon-Fri w/ your current PR's, then we'll be able to help you for sure. Personally, without knowing anything else, I think you should go back a little or do different exercises to combat the plateau.