Am i overtraining?


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Hey ppl, I'm going to embark on a cutting cycle/Diet/regime.

I wanted to know whether this is going to be overtraining my body.


Tues, Thursday, Sat am: CARDIO


Wed PM: Danicing class

Thursday PM: Dancing class

Therefore, How do i get around my wednesday schedule?

My dancing class starts at 5.30 and is more like cardio, and doing movements which require flexibility and strength and speed.

So should I weight train at an earlier time like 2pm?
y can't u do cardio and weight training on the same day?
Yoga is good b/c it focus on stretching and core.
How long do u cardio for and is it high intensity or moderate or light?

Answers these and i;ll get back too u.

If it;s just low intensity cardio i see no problem with it and specially if your going for like 30 min b/c this way u will burn alot of fat and keep muscle.
I would scrap the cardio on thursday if your going too do dance. B/c dance is high paced.

With tthis program you will most likley need more protein just so u keep the muscle and u dont lose it.
But i would highly suggest u do cardio after your weights and just take a whey protein shake so you don;t risk losing more muscle.
Hey bro..I'm wanting to do cardio in the morning as I've heard it burns fat quicker as the glycogen stores are unavailable.

Also, I've cardio str8 after weights is not very good for preserving muscles.

MY CARDIO session prob lasts an hour, but it is not very high paced.
I start off by warming up, stretching etc.

THen I'll hit the step-rower fora bout 10 mins, stepping for 10 mins, cycling for 5mins, rowing for 5 mins, running for 20mins.

That's about it.
okay if u want too cardio in the moroning u can, but a hour is a long time so i would take in a little bit of protein without any carbs so your muscles get something. This way your body dosen't go into catabolism and start atrophy the muscles.

I hope that helps.