anadrol 50


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anadrol 50 real or fake

is this shit legit? red tabs with nothing on them just a cut line.
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Yeah Bro There Good Thats The New Package They Come In Instead Of The Reg Box... Strong Stuff
ok man steady as she goes ya know..high blood pressure from the gear but other than that ok..dude
dude ...its real what else do you want to know...i had the same stuff post a pic of the tabs itself!
I have not seen this product. I would reccomend sticking to the Anadrol 50 made by British Dispensary.
British Dragon no longer exists, and the products that is now made under this brand (if any) are unauthorized and might well be counterfiet and of poor quality.

British Dispensary on the other hand, has full control of their manufacturing, and continues to produce great quality product.