another "im new" thread


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just checked my emails and got biggies email today about the change. site looks good, it looks familiar and i was hoping it would be. look forward to learning more.

Golden_Muscle said:
Welcome bro, how can it look familar? Its a new board..........:)

I have been doing my best to set up the same categories with the same forums again, and to apply the same features again to make it look like it did on the previous web URL. I can understand it looks familiar. Also, the same members are signing up again. (And they should all inform their friends!)
LongBall is right we are not all the same but dammit I'm staying. Much better than the other boards I am on and I have already found the best part and that's the comaraderie. Especially since I have found a new Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) doc from this board, one who knows the athletes point of view.