bad stomach-my diet please help


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ok i have always had trouble with eating. im always nervous, so i finaly went to the doc he gave me xanax for im anxiety and nerves i think it will help. im wondering what yous guys think about what my daily diet looks like. and im going to add a protien shake evey so often during the day. tell me what you going to add these shakes in to up my protien intake,10:30,1:30,4:30,7:30. and also going to add olive oil to a few meals kinda needed help for witch ones. and i also bought papaya enzymes, wheat germ,beef liver tabs. tell me what you think, and what could be changed please, thanks

5:00 wake up-protien shake/ 10gcreatine
after workout-protien shake
20minutes later-5 whole eggs,oatmeal bar
9:00- 2 tyson breaded chicken breast, beans
12:00- lean cuiziene,2 pieces weat bread
3:00- 6oz turkey sandwitch
6:00- 10gcreatine whatever girlfriends mom makes ushly alot of meat salad pasta.
9:00- 3 scoop protien shake
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but with my stomach its hard i have a hard time eating huge amounts so im goin to eat as much as i can and bump it up with the shakes
I'd say get in a little more real protein (meat). The shakes will help, but I'd add 2 more meat meals. Meaning, eat a can of tuna and another chicken breast, or a steak and a chicken breast somewhere throughout the day. Carbs depend on how you want to gain, so raise or lower as you see fit.
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You need fats in there. Nuts, nut butters, olive oil, Udo's oil, hard cheese, etc. It's a good thing you're planning on adding olive oil. Try some other fats also.
well during the day i snack on peanuts/trailmix. and ill cut some hunks of cheese also and ill be taking the olive oil also. what meals would the olive oil be best in and how much
olive oil? , peanuts?, wtf are u scared of . man people just dont fucken get it. Eat big to get big. Thats the formula , meaning, eat clean and lots of it, basic formula. Fuck all these lean stupid questions, what are u a bunch of wimps, just fucken eat till you be chubby and then work on trimming down. see you got to get chubby in order to work with something. How the fuck will you gain muscles out of skinny bones?? Fucken wimps!
ok well since i got on my medication for the doc for my stomach and i started my new diet its been 2 1/2 weeks i have went up 10 pounds! im doing great cant wait to see if it keep on going up.