Mc deal meal special
DC upper body:
barbell bench:
250*10+3+3 (10 second static hold)
barbell shoulder press:
185*7+2+1 (10 second static hold)
ez skull crushers:
lat pulldown:
245*10+4+3(1 rep my spotter touched)
barbell rows:

Nice solid work out, i'm not doing any overtime now. So just gonna sleep, work, eat and train. I wanna do rack pulls with 500 for reps next time for the back thickness


Mc deal meal special
DC upper body:

incline barbell bench:
symth machine shoulder press: the bar is about 70-100 pounds
lying dumbell crossface extensions:left only, right is way stronger
close grip pulldowns:
rack deadlifts: a few inches below the knee and no boucning it off the pins

at 302 pounds


Mc deal meal special
strength is still going up, weight is the exact same.
Did some lower body and biceps today. It was a very good work out. I really like this DC training techniques


Mc deal meal special
I know i don't post in here much but i do work out still, but don't have the time i just write all my work outs in my work out journal

My weight is the exact same after 7 weeks. I dunno if the tren is keeping my bodyweight down or the test at 500mg is not enough for my size. So i pumped up to 1000mg for the last 9 weeks now.

My arms are getting bigger, chest looks fuller. Lifts are going up and old weights are getting really easy. Triceps have a bigger cut in it. My back i think is getting bigger also.

Running is alot harder for some reason since i haven't done it in a month or so. But I did have stripe throat for a little while. Now its almost gone. I'm only doing 20 min EOD. Started yesterday.

Felt some little lumps under my nipple so i'm starting to take nolvadix at 20mg ed.

I'm gonna try and get 500grams of protein a day now, it's gonna take alot of chicken, tuna, eggs and protein to do this.

I'm also not going really heavy like i normally do. I'm doing between 12-30 reps b/c of the DC training. It's a slow and steady process. Can't wait to start Winstrol (winny) in 4 more weeks.