best steroids for putting on big size

DADAWG said:

What he said.

My next bulker? Test/Deca/Drol lol.

I think Test/Deca/Tren might be a killer cycle because Tren will give you the strength to push much heavier weights in your desired rep range, and Test and Deca are great for size....could potentially be a pretty hard shut down though, so.
Test/Drol + lots of food will put on serious size fast...if you don't mind lots of water retention and probably an increase in bodyfat along with your muscle.
The better question is what the best steroid for you to use is (if any)? The answer depends on a number of factors.
Test is best.

Anadrol did make me blow up fast and I got really strong, but it was pretty brutal. I felt kinda sick overall, queasy. And it jacked up my blood pressure. When I'd bend over to tie my shoes it felt like my head was going to pop.