bi injections?

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It sounds like you are new to the game......if I was you I'd just stick to glute and thigh shots for now.
i have already done a cycle of test cyp. what i really wanna do is spot inject into my traps, but they are not really big?
Yeah, I'd probably avoid traps. I think that would hurt.

Also, if you do decide to do bi injects then you really need to do it right. Flex your bi and put your finger at the peak. Then put the arm back down and relax while keeping your finger at the same point. It will probably be a lot higher than you expect. Also use 1/2" pins unless you have 19"+ arms.

Another thing to do is when your arm is relaxed and straight feel along a straight line in the middle and find where your inner and out bicep are. You have a split, you just have to feel for it. Then when you do the inject pick a side. It will make a huge difference. I put 2cc in my outer and I went from not having a bicep split to having a very noticeable one.
Lastly, I followed Dangerous Grounds advice last time by taking the cap off a 1" pin and cutting it to 1/2" length. then put it back on and you'll have a 1/2" pin. It worked great!
thanx man.....has anyone ever done a trap spot shoot, i know it sounds painful but does anyone knw from experience?
I want to say that 2Thick did it on Elite and had a link to it on his homepage but that was a while ago. Plus he had massive traps.

Here's my opinion on spot injections. I truly believe they work from experience. ....BUT... I believe the reason they work is because of muscle fascia stretching, not anything to do with the actual compound being in that body part.

For example, I don't think injecting your quads or glutes will help at all. I believe it can help delts, bi's, tri's as if you push 2-3cc's into any of those respective body parts then it will be much bigger than it's ever been thus stretching the muscle fascia beyond where it's ever been before. I translate it similarly to muscle memory. When you get big and then take a break it's always easier to get it back then when you've never been to a certain size and you're trying to get there.

I did mostly delt shots last cycle and I know it helped a lot because my delts improved more than anything. I'm now doing some bi and tri shots to see what it will do for them. So far my bi's are the biggest they've ever been.

With that said I'm not sure how much it would help traps.
BTW, if you do it report back as I'd like to know. You will probably want to get someone else to do it though as your traps would be flexed just by getting your arm back there.