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i think im going to go with the blue diamond labs tren/prop/eq i was wondering how much feedback there is on this product so far. anyone experiencing pain from it, also if its really thick. with everyday injects i wanna make sure i can take it.

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Come on bro, you know the rules better than that.

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your not going to get much input on it yet as its still pretty new on the market , but the man himself said its great.
Hey bros,

Just wanna let you know I just got my BD labs Trenbolject-TP, Im doing 100 ml straight for as long as it takes ED. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Hey Min...
Check with Clarityandfocus.. i know he has been on it for some time now and is very happy with his results.. I believe he posts here, or if not he is at

From what i have heard from others too.. it seems to be a great product.. i would be weary of the tren/deca, but the tren/prop, tren and tren/eq have got to be great products.. and what is cool is the variety of mgs and mls...

good luck

To all,

I just shot my first shot of Tren/prop today (6) and all I can say is... GOOD LAWD!!!... NO PAIN!!!...hahahaha I did 1 ml on tricep and went in pretty good, oill was kinda thick but NO COMPLICATIONS or PAIN!!!... I am going to throw in some Ganabol when I get it in but for now I started my tren/prop/winny/t-3 cycle. Will give full details of cycle later. Just wanted to vouch for the pain/comfort factor of BD labs,.