Boy am I proud!

Yeah, thats awesome! You couldn't pay me to go to another board... But if someone is interested in trying, I'm all ears.;)
They're some very good people here. Makes my proud to be a part of this board.

I love this board!!! It is all because of the Admin, Mods & all the great members here!!! This place is definitely my HOME!!!!!!!!!
Really guys- its the members that make this board so great.
But you have to think Nicole, if we didn't have the great mods and admin why would we stay? There are many boards around, but this is one of the main reasons I stay here. I find this baord is by far, the most efficient and best run board out there. Why? Cuz the people at the top make this a great place. Without you guys and gals this would just be another BBing board that sees people come and go. You (mods and admin) are very welcoming and that is why people stay here.
This is one place where no one makes you feel stupid. There have been several posts that could have been; should have been ridiculed but they were answered with patience and thought. Let's keep this place top notch by continuing to think before we type.