Bro With a Cycle Question


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I am about to start my first cycle. I have decided on Fina and Test Prop. I was told to take them every other day. Should I take them both on the same day, or the Fina one day, and the Test Prop the other, and when should I take them in the morning before I lift or in the afternoon. What side effect can there be. Thanks Bros!:afro:
Timing really doesnt matter. If you dont mind shooting every day. take them both ED at half the dose of your EOD schedule.

Although fina/prop is a solid cycle, its not one I would advise as a first cycle.
garyzilla said:
I am new to this, what does ED and EOD mean? And what cycle would you suggest for the firdt time?

ED = Every Day
EOD = Every Other Day

First cycle; 400 mg Test Enanthate or Cypionate for 8-10 weeks.
garyzilla said:
Why is Test Prop and Fina not a good first cycle?

In my opinion (IMO), it is better to do a cycle with only one compound your first time. That way you can learn how you react to different drugs. If you start out stacking Test & Fina, how are you going to know which one did what to you. And another reason is ED or EOD injections, with Enan or Cyp, you can do once or twice a week injects, something most first time user usually take into account.
side effects-pimples,high blood pressure,bloody nose(rarley),water retension,increased heart rate.
thats it for now but in long terms i think more problems can occur especially if you dont come off or doing mega high doses for years.

garyzilla said:
Test Enan or Cyp is a god first cycle i was told, how about addng d-bol or is that to much?

Bro..relax! You are going to gain 20lbs+ no matter what you use! First cycles are awsome!

Take 400mg on Monday, or 200mg Monday and thursday. Save the stack for your 3rd and 4th...cycles.

Your second cycle should be 400-600mg of EQ for 10 weeks. This way you can see what to 2 most commonly used steroids do for you.
Enanthate@500mg/wk 1-10

Just make sure you have your diet in check bro. Are you trying to cut or bulk?
garyzilla said:
I want to be huge, but cut. I do not know if that makes any sence.

At 25% bf.....I would think some cutting would be in order, naturally or with help of AAS.....but definetely a cutter.