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alright. my bottle came into yesterday so i took one cap 30 min before heading off to the gym to do legs.
Now, ulter and others have said that it is comparable to dnp. I will totally agree with them 100%.
I was sweating my ass off. i had to take a little extra time between sets because i was Burning up.
I will give this product a Thumbs up and my approval
i love that it is strong enough to kick my butt with one cap. I dont get that from any other fat burner on the market.

Its a must try if you fed up with your current fat burner.
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ulter said:
I think it's even more remarkable that Health Canada doesn't allow single amino acids.

well lucky for me:cool:


Ulter sent you a mail please reply at your conveniance:)


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also is ther anything in your product that provides CNS stimulation or something that at least increases focus?

I say that cus I have about 1/2 of a drink called Speed Stack that will be discontinued shortly.

it gives me about 6 mgs of Synephrine and 10 mgs or so of ephedrine, just enough to give me some CNS stimulation

I have tried other non Ephedrine drinks and caps but they fall short in the CNS / mental focus department

do you have something that comes close to achieving this within your product if so what?

and how?



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Did you and Macro think up this product as an alternative to DNP? Or does it have some qualities, in terms of effects, that are different than DNP?


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It has several effects that set it apart from DNP. First it's non toxic even at extreme doses. It has ingredients that address every aspect of dieting. Focus (smart drugs), MR increase, glucose disposal (Glucorell R with Biotin), appetite suppression.
The comparison to DNP is strictly in reference to it's ability to heat you up if you're not on a low carb diet.


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interesting page, but what does it have to do with the thread?