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First and foremost thank you for your time in reading my question whether you have input or not. Now my question is a hybrid question so I figured I would put it under the generic anabolics discussion(If this is incorrect please PM me). I saw a thread on here about sub q test injections and how in some ways they can be beneficial bc of the fat that releases the test slightly slower. Most people who do sub q injections are only doing TRT levels of test. When I asked about doing higher levels for BB cycles, the universal response was that It wouldn't make sense bc so many injections would have to be made a week(With 2 solutions 1 of Mast P 100 and one of test P 100= 18 shots of .5cc). So my question is what if I combined the solutiouns and upped the potency, ie Test P 200mg/ml+ mastp 100mg/ml so There is a 300mg/ml solution. Then it would only require a total of 3cc a week. Which would mean a .5cc sub q Shot ed except for sunday.
So can Sub q be used for larger cycle doses with the above mentioned gear, and would this gear need eo or is 200mg/ml test p 100mg/ml mast p fine with just BA and BB

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Looking for Test Prop + Mast Prop recipe (MesoRX website)
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Re: Looking for Test Prop + Mast Prop recipe

well masteron normaly comes in 100mg per ml without any problems ever and you say you want 1-1/2 ratio or 2-1 so just do
100mg test p / 50mg masteron per ml or
200mg test p / 100mg masteron"

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