Craig Titus at NOC


Crimson Guard Commander
Just checked out some pics from NOC. Craig Titus placed third and was looking better than I have ever seen him. He is one of my favorites and I hope he can get it dialed in for the big O. WTF, Maddron couldn't even break the top twenty.
King tried pushing Craig around a bit after the NOC at factory, but Craig is too much of a gentleman to get involved with that bullshit.. he brushed king off and walked away!! Great scene lol..

all night on stage etc, king was making fun of craig, king was shit talking.. and don't get me wrong, i like king and he looked fabulous, but he really acted immaturely and Craid deserved the place he got :)

Fantastic show though! Just another reason i luv NYC :)
Craig, King and everyone else knows that Craig could kick the shit out of King if it they really threw down. Craig's a brawler, make NO mistake about that! I'm glad to see that Craig is way past those times and is focused on his wife, career and friends!!! He's made one of the all time great come backs of any IFBB Pro ever!

First time at the Factory in a long, long time huh Supergirl? Did Jonathan Peters bang em' out hour after hour as usual???
pyrros dimas said:

First time at the Factory in a long, long time huh Supergirl? Did Jonathan Peters bang em' out hour after hour as usual???

yea.. i had taken a break for like 4 months LOL

Craig and Kelly were actually back up this weekend and we all went to Temps sat night and then to factory... Factory was actually a bit quiet.. but i am sure the beach party will be a blast :)

The thing i like about factory is that anything goes.. meaning no rules, no bouncers barking at you, just great people that when they bump into you, actually apologize and the music hits :)
I like Titus but from the pics at the noc but damm King was more dry and had a more appealing body and fuller muscle bellies. But Titus looked better than ever before.
i thought kamali looked better than titus at the noc titus got lucky with 3rd and pavol looked awewsome 2nd
well let's not spin the facts out of control people. Craig did his share of mocking and starring that night too, as for being a gentleman ...and correct me if im wrong...did Craig not mention numerous times that next time King Opens his mouth he would have no problem punching him? Hey I respect Craig tons and he looks great...he's good good friends with A somewhat friend of mine , think he's great. Just wanna let everyone know the facts. Craig did his share of mocking too.