** cycle advice**


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....my cycle is as follows..maybe!!

W1-4 40-50mg d-bol
W1-3 1cc EOD sust
W4-12 500 mg enanthate
W8-12 fina or winny

this is third cycle 5'8" 215# 14% BF imput would be great from vets and some of the heavies..is there anything i could change or do different???? got clomid/anit e's

1st cycle
W1-10 500mg omnadren
W1-3 50mg anadrol

W1-12 750mg enanthate
W1-6 400mg deca
W6-12 100mg EOD fina
I'd drop the Sustanon (sust) all together and just run the enanthate from 1-12...what are your goals for this cycle?
Looks like your tring to get to complex to quick bro....

enth for 1-10 weks
Dbol 1-4 weeks
fina 5-10 weeks

personally I would suggest that ya kepp it as simple as you can get it......