cycle help/advice


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first off my stats:

185 lbs
35yrs old

I am currently taking sustanon 250 1 shot per week.
I have taken 6 shots so far. First cycle ever on steriods.

I am getting test 400 and 25mg D-bol pills (reforvot-B)

how and when should I start taken all this?

I have been working out for 2 years.

Please help!
first, how much Sustanon (sust) do you have left
second, never start a cycle unless you have everything on hand
third, if the test 400 is T-400 I would skip it unless you love pain
fourth, if you plan on using the Sustanon (sust) for 10 weeks or more throw the dbol in the last few weeks before clomid.
I have 8 bottles of Sustanon (sust) left.

It is T-400 and the pain does not bother me. It is worht it!

How many weeks of D-Bol should it take?