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Hey Guys!

I've read that EQ is easy on the body and good anabolic, low estrogenic.

Comments on this first cycle:

Test Enanthate 250mg weeks 1-10
EQ 500mg weeks 1-10
FINA 50mg weeks 1-8

Is this ok for me to do to gain 15-20 lean muscle? also what else do I need to complete the cycle (clomid, nolvadex) and how should I take it?

Any comments are appreciated and suggestions (is this too much for me to take?)

Thanks for the relpies and help
I would shoot for Test only. You need to find out how your body reacts to one compound on your first cycle, not three. Whats your stats, lifting experience, etc? I would suggest anywhere from 250mg-500mg per week of Ethanate, depending on your stats, experince etc.
Thanks for your reply. Sorry about not posting my stats.

I've been lifting hard since 1994, I am 5' 11'' and 178lbs. They have this hand held body fat percentage unit that gives you your body fat based on age, height, weight, I know that this is not accurate at all, I have not gotten my body fat measured professionally, but that thing says I have 11% body fat. I have a real hard time gaining weight. My family is thin and small genetically, my mother is 5'4'' and father is my height and they are not overweight or anything. I eat 6 times a day, three of those are full meals and I've been doing the protein bars and shakes and creatine and tried the prohormone stuff. Right now I am taking that Andro Stack 850 along with creatine and whey protein shakes. It is still hard for me to gain weight, I feel I have reached a plateau because I can't seem to get to the 180 lbs point. I stay really active, I play bball for church league and I was a swimmer in high school team, so I have a pool in my back yard and swim a lot in the summer. I also love to mountain bike, my buddies and I go saturday mornings and hit the local trails, and I also play golf 1 or 2 a week. So you can see I stay pretty active. And also work hard too. I own 2 tanning salons in the city where I live. I get in the Gym at 10 Pm till 11:30 pm mon-thurs and off fri, sat & sun.

What about just doing the EQ?

Any suggestions are appreaciated.

Well, if I am reading correctly, this is your first cycle!!

I would pick either 250mg of test only or 400mg of EQ for 10 weeks.

RH is right one....see how you react to a single compound. You will gain 15-20lbs regardless of what you take.

I would go with 400mg of EQ first as it is the easiest in regards to sides. It will give you a nice steady gain of quality muscle.

BUT....Diet is the key!! You are going to gain easy, but when you are done, you can lose easy too! Make sure you eat to maintain your new muscle!
I agree with the rest of the guys compound at a time

Just to be on he save side...


my choice frist cycle would be this...

250mg test (every 5th day) for 8 weeks...Then post cycle, Clomid, Novadex, and maybe Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) (if needed)

then take 8 weeks off inbetween cycles and try this one...

Weeks 1-8
Test 400mg's week (200mg 2x week)
EQ 200mg week (100mg 2x week)

Then post cycle stuff....Clomid, Novadex, ect, ect...

Thanks guys!! I am learning, I am leaning to the EQ cycle. I don't want to blow up too fast and then people will be wondering what I'm doing. Maybe I shouldn't care what they think. It's just a thought that goes thru a newbie's head. Is clomid and Navadex expensinve and how should I take it after the cycle? Thanks for the suggestions!
pplazas said:
Is clomid and Navadex expensinve and how should I take it after the cycle? Thanks for the suggestions!

Nolvadex want to have on hand, in case you get any gyno symptoms, then take 40 mg/day until symptoms subside and continue with 20 mg/day for the duration of your cycle. for post cycle recovery of HPTA. Usual dose schedule is as follows;
day 1 - 300 mg
days 2-11 - 100 mg/day
days 12-21 - 50 mg/day

Pricing varies, but generally not very expensive. You can get them both in tabs or liquid form.
You can do some "research" only on nolvadex and clomid, try or They arent intended for human use.
i had a friend who did 50 mg's eq eod for 100 days. gains were slow but he just finished and gained 12 pounds of muscle, and actualy lost a little bit of fat. it dosnt sound like much but gaining 12 pounds while losing fat and no water retention has made a huge difference in his physique. but if i were you id do 200 mg's every 4 or 5 days, i think the gains would be much better, considering he didnt notice anything other than increased apetite untill week 5.
Thanks for the info bronco!! 15 to 20 lbs of muscle is what I would like to gain so I think I'm gonna try EQ for my first. Losin my virginity, now I just have to get used to the shots :(

For now I'll try that and see the results and then later I'll try a more "advanced" cycle. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the Info!!