D-Bol Cycle: 4 Weeks; 25 mg--Need Some Advice


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I'm an intermediate lifter, I know what I'm doing in the gym, but admittedly a noob with gear. I'm at 180 lbs, can squat 300, deadlift 250, bench 250, etc.

I recently bought some d-bol (25 mg x 50 tabs)--planning on d-bol only for only 4 weeks. A week into the cycle it's going well, I'm eating 4,000 calories+, taking 1,000 mg of milk thistle per day. However, I'm up shit creek without a PCT but I don't wanna spend more cash on nolva and/or clomid.

Here are my options:
1) Cut my losses and stop the cycle now.
2) I'm in too deep now, forge ahead, suck it up and spend the cash on a sufficient PCT
3) It's my first cycle, it's only 4 weeks at 25 mg, I can go no PCT

Any (constructive) commentary is much appreciated. Even after hours of research, I'm still unclear on what would happen to me without a PCT. Thanks.


Are you male? If so, why would you run a cycle without testosterone?

No PCT decreases your odds of recovering your Natty T greatly. Also means you will likely lose any gains you make as you will have Low T while your HPTA is trying to recover which could take months. PCT is the most important part and something that should not be skimped on.


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You told us all of what you seem to be proud of like I know what's up in the gym I bench this and deadlift that. So what does that have to do with the cycle you claim here.

Dbol all aloe is not a cycle, no test, no AI and no PCT. Did you know anything or just swallow some pills to try to get big?

So tell us now that I know how much you can bench, just how old are you?? Oh and 180 lbs Huh how tall are you? at 180l lbs?
A week into the cycle and all is doing well. Really nothing has had a chance to do anything, even it being an oral.

SO all this crap I give you is to tell you, you need help to stop and PCT if need because you have shut down. Then start reading al the stickys here on the forum. You will find them where you came in to start your thread.

Sorry to be tough on you but someone needs to. Welcome to Steroidology the best place to help you learn how to use AAS a safe as possible. Good luck