deca, d-bol, winstrol cycle


Gettin Big
I've been using d-bol for a week- 25mg/ed...starting deca next week, thinking about starting with 450mg/week (weeks 1-5), 600mg/week (weeks 6-10), and going back to 450mg/week for week 11 and 12. I'm also thinking about using winstrol but don't know where to add it and how much...I've done some research on this yet I've never used winstrol so wanted some advice.

I also plan to quit d-bol after week 6 and take clomid three weeks after my last deca injection.

Any suggestions, help or improvements to this cycle would be appreciated.

Weight: 195
Height: 6'1
body fat: 11%

OK, you will hear dif. opinions on the, but here is personal experience. I did 12-13 weeks of 400mg deca every 5 days then 4 weeks of Winstrol (winny) 50mg eod. I really liked the deca, had some solid gains but hated the Winstrol (winny). It hurt my back and my bf is too high to reap the benes I think. My next cycle I will be doing sus300/deca for 14 weeks. Most here will say stack some sort of test with Deca, but I liked it by itself.
so should I leave winstrol out of this cycle and do it in a next cycle then?

and what do you think about the PTC : Clomid 50mg/ed for three weeks together with 1000mg of tribulus terrestis/ed. Is this enough to recuperate from the deca/dbol cycle?
1. Assume you don't care about potentially not being able to achieve erections during this cycle.

2. Why are you varying the dosage of the deca?

3. Cycle history?
I would read up on how others have stacked it. I'm just saying I personally didn't dig Winstrol (winny) or the sides, but you might love it. PCT: again, there are folks on here with wicked good experience, I would read up on it more from more experienced guys. I do know that I hear about deca dick all the time and it wasn't an issue for me at 400mg week w/ no test added.
I've used deca before and I've never had erection problems. So I don't think this is a problem for me.

I was thinking about varying the dosage because I think that 600mg/week is too high for the entire cycle and could take advantage of week 6-10 after already having considerable gains, and then go back to the initial dosage in order to not come off deca at such a high dosage (less strainful on the body).

I've done three cycles before, 1st one being hgh for 4 weeks, and second cycle and third cycle were only deca, 6 weeks and 8 weeks respectively.

I've never used orals so this is my first time using d-bol. I'm more curious as of how to prevent gyno while on the cycle, what are the best PTC options, and if to use winstrol at the end this cycle or leave it for another cycle?

I've been training for 6 years on and off, have extensive experience at the gym, I know what works and not for me. My diet isn't that great, meaning that I don't consume the calories a need but I drink up to four protein shakes (cytogainer) everyday I train. I eat healthy and take multivatimins, and keep myself very hydrated.

My goal for this cycle is to go from 190 to 225 in twelve weeks, and maybe get more defined.

My last cycle started 5 months ago and I used 450mg/week of deca for 8 weeks...was 185 pounds starting, went to 205 of good solid muscle but lost it all because because needed knee surgery due to a car accident and couldn't train, but good to go know.

Thanks for the help

Aboot any suggestions?

I feel like this could be a good cycle at this point in my gear experience, and then for the next cycle add test to experiment with other substances but as of right now I want to go slow.

My first concern was if I should use any AI's while or after using d-bol to fight the aromatism because I've learned that nolva doesn't work well with deca because it increases gyno if present. I've heard that vit B-6 helps while on the cycle?

My second concern was my PTC, I plan to take clomid ed/for a month three weeks after my last deca shot. Is this enough?
OK, just off the phone with a HRT place...what a killer scam, the same gear you can get black market, but at 10x the price, anyway....They say do 10 weeks of whatever gear (test, deca, primo), a few weeks of hcg then clomid for 4 weeks. I asked about Nolva and they said you could use it but clomid was "second generation" and thus better. Decca stays in your systme longer, so adjust post cycle therapy (pct) accodingly...using that logic, don't take clomid until 3-4 weeks after last Decca shot.