Deca question


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Im currently running 800 mg/week of Test and 40 mg/day opf Dbol. Ive never used Deca but was wondering if anyone thinks it would be very benfical if I threw some in my stack. Btw, I am bulking up with the intentions of doing the NPC jr. Nats. Done around 8 cycles so far.........J
By all means go for it, it would fit right in nicely with your goal of bulking, 400 mg/week should do the trick !!
as stonecold said, go for it, it will complement the stack nicley, and should give you the bulk that you are after
Use it if you got it, but opt for EQ if you havent purchased it yet! EQ yeilds similar gains, with less water retention and it many times less inhibitory on your HPTA than deca
I agree with Lawnsaver, with Deca you will definitely put on some more size, but you may hold a little water. With the EQ, you will have very similar gains but without the water retention. The EQ will give you a solid mass with a hard vascular look!
I am not a big fan of EQ, but that's just me but I have never tried deca but that is going to be my next cycle. Good luck in Jr. Nationals.