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Can you still get good gain on deca if taken alone?

How many mg a week is Recommended?
Thanks for the advice, what kind of gain can I expect if I take 600mg a week for 10 weeks Im 175lb pretty lean
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It depends on your genetics, diet, training, sleep, number of cycles, etc.

Some will gain 5lbs, while other will gain 25lbs. I cant even guess what you will gain.

I will ask why you would want to do deca alone? Deca is the hardest on your natural test levels. You will most likely lose your sex drive and your dick wont work either. Deca, although great for muscle gains, suck on the sides effect aspect.
I would NEVER do deca without an androgen like test or Dbol to go with it. You are begging for a limp dick and no sex drive.
Bump^ I agree.
Better take some test with that Deca bro.
Also follow up with a nice post cycle with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and Clomid.
MP5 said:
I would NEVER do deca without an androgen like test or Dbol to go with it. You are begging for a limp dick and no sex drive.

"Limp dick" cant have that I need it after the bar.

How about stacking it with sust 250mg and 600mg deca a week for 10 weeks?
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I would run it with test ATLEAST 250 a week. And I would stop the deca atleast 2 weeks prior to test.

I am running deca and test and stopping the deca 4 weeks before the test.
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But will that help the recovory????
hopefully the deca will be completely out of your system and allow better recovery since clomid will be started 6-7 weeks after the last deca shot
depends on the doses. Deca stays in your system for a long time, so the test is out of your system in like 14 days but the deca lingers causing your dick to not work, let alone your sex drive is gone. That is why you should take test with deca and stop the deca before the test. Some people don't get deca dick, you might get lucky. Usually it takes like 8 weeks for your dick to return to normal if you get deca dick.
does clomid really help save gains post cycle? check it-- deca 10 weeks and started test enan at week 4 for 10 weeks ---when would u start the clomid ? i am guessing 2-3 weeks after last test enan shot
I fu don;t care about being shut down or having no sex drive then u can run it alone but if you do for sure throw in some test
You can take it alone but it's best to throw some Test in their. Deca dick sucks. Test will send your testostone up, thus keeping up your sex drive. Take clomid 3 weeks after your last shot. Day 1 300 mg, remaining week 150, next week 100, last week 50.