delt injections


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i was just curious, as I am planing on doing my first deltoid injection this Wednesday(first 4 have been all quad)...
Ive seen examples of all 3 delt head injections on a demo webpage..but I'm not sure which one is easier.. and I'm kinda pussy when it comes to needles, I'm a little nervous and just wondering do most of you guys prefer doing the middle delt or the frontal delt... and why?
Never injected personally so this isn't a personal experience, but I would vote the middle bro.
Middle. I don't like delt injections though, I always seem to get a twitch! Anywhere on my legs FTW (bi's and tri's too!)
delt injections are the easiest imho, shoot for the middle. i usualy use a 1.5 inch and stick it in until about 3/8 of an inch is left. everywhere else i bury it.
for some reason delt shots always are th least sensitive for me.
well i finally pinned my middle delt, before my work out, as far as pain goes, it was much better than quad

but i did a shitty job though, i was pretty nervous, couldnt relax and could not stop shaking a little, at one point i lost my grip while aspirating and the needle actually swayed almost at a 45 degree angle stuck in my shoulder, so I will probably be sore tomorrow but a little practice and experience should take care of that i guess

aside from the mess up, i like it better than the quads
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man i go 2cc's all the time in my probs.i hit the front or sides both no soreness or none to bitch about.
I used to put 3 ccs in the delt and for a while it was fine but it got to where I felt the soreness and pain in mid inject. I never go higher than 2 in the delt now.

Shaggz - try leaning against a wall. if you were doing the left delt you would lean your right shoulder and elbow against the wall to steady your hand. Try it it really works. I started doing that one day when I drank a shitload of coffee and couldn't stop shaking. Works like a charm so i do it like that everytime now.