Doc, gyno from Androgel?


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putting on the 10 mg packs of Androgel daily for a 1 mo. trial, and I notice a fatty bump below my right nipple. This could be gyno??? or something else. Im not on insurance, and I cant afford to run to the Doctors all the time at $140/office visit. Thanks.
Yes, it could be gyno but that is a fairly low dose to have problems. What other symptoms have you experienced? Is the bump painful to touch, an itchy sensation on your nipples, etc.?
yes. and the fact that a doctor actually prescribed you androgel probably means that you had low test and high estrogen to begin with.

welcome to the world of aromatase inhibitors (you probably need to run one ALL the time, lower dose when off-- of course)
Agreed. Shitty thing is for long term use, bloodwork is a damn good idea for both trying to calibrate your hormonal response to a certain dose of test/AI, and to see whats going on lipid-wise. If you dont have insurance the bloodwork and visits will be like highway robbery.

For the short term id grab up and IA and see if it aliviates the problem. If so, you got your answer.
steroidal AI's like aromasin and AIFM have little impact on blood lipids (likely because they do not highly suppress sulfatase)-- though there may be other mechanistic issues why letro and arimidex do...