Dorian Yates

majoris said:
Dorian RULES!!!! Dense package of MASS at it's Best!!!

**Newbie here--- I have been lifting since i was 12 yrs. old on and off--35 now, i used Dorian's method of high weight low reps back in the day--it really worked for me, with no gear, my bench went from 180 in June to 320 in Sept. now i just came off of--- no lifting for about a year, when i started at 180...
BTW, i have a big question---- In all my years i have never used anything except protein powder, now at 35, i have decided to go with an anti-aging testosterone therapy 6 month hormone replacement any comments or warnings? Again i am in good health just tired all the time... I reasearched the therapy and it seems to be legit, well i hope it is i just spent $1300 to find out.... Any suggestions out there? Thanks...
Arnold.... Anyone see my e-mail article in Muscular Development???? :eyes:
yates is the king...end of story! thats why my dog is named after him! hell ive been out of bb since 97 a still know this!
yates still sets the standard for mondern day bodybuilders for shear mass and size and conditioning
I disapprove of that body. It's sort of disgusting. I'm really not sure what it is but somehow it looks like hes plastic in a lot of photos?
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Yates, Haney and Coleman are my inspiration for brutal back sessions.

Damn look at the density.....