EQ for Women


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But buddy asked me if EQ would be good for his wife to take. He took Winstrol (winny) tabs and deca before. But didnt like the Deca. So I figure EQ would probably be better. Looking for some advise .

Thanks Micro
IMO she would be okay. UNLESS she is pregnant or nursing of course. its always advisable to get a second opinon
EQ is a little less androgenic than Deca but it also has a long ester so if sides develop she would have to just ride them out. It's best to start low so IMO 50mg E7D is good starting dose.
The results from EQ are slow so make sure she's patient. She will prolly start to notice changes @ the week 5 or 6 mark so don't increase the dose until after that point IF @ all. I am an advocate of long low dose cycles. I prefer slow, steady, SIDE FREE cycles ;) Once you start increasing the dose that's when the sides usually start, although many women tolerate 100mg EQ/wk rather well.
great info Nubi!!!
i only have one thing to add... ok Micro, make sure she keeps eating clean as the EQ will definitely bring up her appetite and it is easy to start eating like shit when you are hungry all the time!!! So just make sure she stays on track and a good diet plan...