Ever heard of these guys?


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Recently, I've seen alot of this gear around in my area. Its made in australia? I've heard its they were formally known as jurox or something. I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about it, whether its legit, and possibly and results off of it. The deca in particular. Anyone? Here's a photo of the line up:

Any ideas? I won't post their website here as I think thats against the rules but anyone have any ideas? I saw some positive posts on it over at anabolicreview.
crazymike said:
Since when do they speak Espanol in Australia?

LOL.....Does not mean the gear is made there bro! TEXAS gear is not from TEXAS , it's from UG Canada. understand?....But the good news is that I mentioned this brand to a guy from my gym and he said it's a good but low key product....He said that they have primo either out already or in the making! later.!...try it!
Would it be ok for me to post the company's website? Or is that a big no no. I don't believe it gives any info on how to get the products, its just the companies website. It looks pretty legit. I dunno.
If its just the companies website it is ok on any board I know of, its source stuff that can't be posted.
In that case its: www.veterinaria.com.mx Then you can go to syd group's website, the actual companies website as well. I'm almost positive its from the same group of people who came out with Anabolic ST. Since it lists that as an older product, and the deca as the new.
I just got a reply in another thread from flexed1, that when the Australian companies broke up for mexican distribution, they formed this company which is a spin off, and the original jurox. He said he's heard good things about this stuff, but its been awhile.