Excersises and Rest Times


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Say you are doing biceps. How many different biceps exercises do you do? chest? back? legs?

and, between sets how long do you rest? 30 seconds? 2 minutes?

i tend to vary on ammount of exercises and rest times but i was wondering what everyone else thinks.
3 sets max per bodypart, on a heavy day.....2/3 mins rest..8 reps minimum
on a light training day 3 sets per body part.....1 min rest..high reps..15 /20
Change your order of excersises up every 4-6 weeks .....to prevent staleness
For me i train heavy and don't rest long max 45 seconds
But for more textbook style training 70w30 is right.
I like 4 sets 3 excercises but for the small ones just 2 excercies 3 sets
I do between 9-12 sets per bodbart, maybe 15 for back. Rest varies depending on what i do. Maybe 2 minutes between small muscle groups, but still depends on how heavy i go. Deadlifting could be 5 minutes or more. I am not going to miss a 500+ deadlift because i didn't rest enough between sets. I am not a powerlifter but i dead with very low reps, and rest is crucial.
I do 3 exercsise and generally 5 sets, warm up and a moderate weight and 3 heavy sets, wu@10reps, moderate@8 reps and three heavy sets at 6-8 reps and then to the next exercise...I train to increase strength, so i generally take a minimum of 2 minutes in between the stes, i dont clock watch that ofetn, so it could be 3-5 for all I know, but that gets my HTP or whatever it is back to where i need it to be to continue heavy, and i maintain the same workout and keep the weight heavy through out the entire training day...

I dont see the method between going up and coming down i weight on the same exercise...either maintain or increase....

my .02

Depends on the rep range you're doing.

When I'm doing around 5 reps I'll wait a good 3 minutes between sets, but if I'm just doing 12 reps I'll only wait 1 minute between sets.

Oddly enough though, whenever I do rest 2-3 minutes between sets I always get stares from people in the gym like I'm insane and even had a couple come up to me question me about it like I'm retarded.
My standard rep range is 5 for core and 8-10 for accessory. I usually wait only until my two training partners complete their sets but i would say it is about 2-3 minutes for core. Last night we did a three way circle( hold the puns) where i did a set of curls and handed the bar to my buddy, he did his set and passed it on. Not much rest time there but the biceps were screaming at me!