Explanation Of Winstrol's Activity By Huck Finn


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Firstly, I will be the first to verify that winny use does cause joint pain, to say the least. The reason is twofold. There is a transport and removal of water in general from the organism as a whole, and any water that remains is generally utilized in the musculature as a matter of priority. Strangely, this does not seem to apply to the smooth musculature, i.e. the heart, etc. The water is quickly expelled from the body and the entire organism actually shrinks slightly, for lack of a better word. Remember, the body itself is primarily a hydraulic phenomenon. Secondly, the ligaments and tendons do not strengthen as quickly as does the musculature. Therefore it is a natural progression to overtrain the newly strengthened muscle without regard to the strain on the connective tissue, which is exacerbated by the lack of general lubrication caused by the agent. As far as site injections go, I can attest to the fact of localized detail, but not localized growth. I think that the water is transported more dramatically at the injection site for obvious reasons. Additionally, the local musculature would be more quickly saturated with the molecule, especially after repeated injections in the same spot. This translates in the real world to this: Inject in the delts every day and you will see a striated situation in short order, like, say, forty five days. Dosage is also a critical factor here. I get fantastic results with 50mg/day, every day. Sometimes I shoot 100 for about ten days at the beginning, just to kickstart the whole process. Some guys get the results they want with 100mg ED straight through for eight weeks. Anything more than that, in my opinion, is risky. Dehydration and cramping become an inevitability rather than a possibility as the dosage and duration are increased. Remeber also that winny is pyrogenic. So any fatburning suppliments you take will have a magnified effect when combined with winstrol, provided they are pyrogenic as well. Be especially careful when using clen with winny, because you are gonna cramp no matter what. Keep your lifts at the same weight they are now, even though your strength will improve rapidly with that combination. Another factor to consider is that winstrol is psychoactive. When you stop taking it, you're gonna be depressed, so be prepared for it as of now. I am a newly converted trenbelone acetate fan, as you may have noticed. This combination,(meaning winstrol and tren combined at the same time) to me, seems to be the most effective for ripping out. Naturally, a blast of test would be in order in such a combination, unless you don't mind feeling and looking like a sexless cyborg. Personally, I like just having the option of sex alive at all times if possible.


*slaps my own forehead*

no wonder i was beginning to feel some joint pains on my ankles.

but i guess it's relatively mild because i'm only taking 50mg/eod

just a question...how long does it usually take to see the results from a Winstrol (winny) and tren cycle?
bump, would exanadrine be a good possiblity for a fat burning agent??


Go with the CLENY man. you'll burn that fat right off. Ohh go 2 weeks on 2 w off. I personally would do exawhateva on your 2 weeks off, but I recommend ECA with your 2 wks off:hitit:
Great info Lawnsaver!

I just started a 50 mg ed Win & t3/clen cycle and am cutting off fat fast. Joint pain is minimal. I take animal flex to help the joints. also all the other supps, taurine and potassium for the clen. Although, I do still experience some cramping in the strangest places, the bottoms of my feet, my hands, my jaw, and neck. I just try to drink tons of water and it's not unbearable. I personally love winstrol and have never experienced problems with my liver, but it's a good idea to get liver values checked pre/during/post cycle.
i began seeing results in 3 weeks on Winstrol (winny) tablets from BD.
no joint pain at all. I would like to know more about Winstrol (winny) if there are any well educated
guys that would like to help. send me a pm.