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Hey i was on and saw both Fina-H and Component TH is there a difference what does everyone use? is one better or stronger? THXS!
they are the same strength...just more pellets

the -th comes in a belt.....which is the correct amount for a 4g kit.

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I was told that comp has more bang for the buck. Syno is a whole nother ball game. Gets easier everytime. Just save yourself some time and sore thumbs and get two filters as the first will more than likely give out after the first 12ml. Good luck.
they are 100% the same get the double the amount of pellets in a belt than you do in a cart. The price of a belt is less than 2 carts.

Component th is the bioequivilant to Finaplix-h. Some say that component th yeild a cleaner product...I personally have never used Finaplix-h.....never had any problems with Component th. I would go with component th if for no other reason...cost efficientcy!
Good luck bro and keep reading!
1 belt of Component-TH contains:200 pellets of 20mg/pellets=4 Grams
1 belt of Finaplix contains: 100 pellets of 20mg/pellets= 2 Grams

Pellet - for - pellet they are the exact same thing!

It's just confusing because the packaging.

Think of it like this....

Component-TH packs their 20 mg Tren pellets in packages of 200 pellets.

Finaplix packs their 20 mg Tren pellets in packages of 100 pellets.

Got it?
One place actually charges $10 more for a 100 dose box of Component TH than for a 100 dose box of Fina.
Am I missing something here about the cost effectiveness?