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My boyfriend is going to start a summer cutting cycle that looks like this.......
1-12: test enanthate 600mgs
4-12: fina 75 mgs ed
4-12: 50 mgs ed oral winny

and an ECA throughout the whole cycle.

His temper already is pretty bad, ive been with him over his last cycle of dbol,deca,test and he was very easily pissed off.I hear fina is bad can i expext him to get worse or be about the same please let me know,Be honest!!!!!

Honestly? There is enough evidence for me to make this conclusion: If a person already a psycho, juice is definitely not going to help their temper. In fact, it may put ppl (like you) in danger.

Scientifically: I've done a lot of research. "Roid rage" may be debatable for ppl with even tempers, but certainly not for those who have a hard time controlling their impulses as is. It is almost certain that if your temper is out of control prior to Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use, it will only get worse.

Personal Experience: 1.) Fina is the only steriod that makes me quick tempered.

2.) I have a friend who is a loose cannon. Would go off on his gf all the time, making huge scenes, call her awful names, spit in her face, push her around, etc. This was prior to AAS. Since he began to administer Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) his gf has been in the hospital twice for treatment in less than a year.

Guys, some of you may disagree and say "roid rage" is a myth and its bullshit, but there is enough evidence to keep it on the table. Even if it does turn out to be bullshit, there is still a placebo effect involved. You never know what the users expects the drug to do. This cannot be over looked. Although it may look that I'm playing it up now, its for the posters safety that we tell her the worst possible side effects from her bf's Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use.
Tren seems to affect my temper more than other steroids. I usually don't have any problems with rage (I'm a really calm person) but I was ready to beat someone the other day on the freeway.
No gear has ever affected my temper other than fina. You and him should make a deal regarding open communication, same as my wife and I have. If you tell him hes being a jerk (more so than usual and you think its the fina), then he needs to listen to that. And if he cant control it, then he needs to drop it from the cycle. Thats the arrangement I have and I did drop it from a previous cycle