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I am taking fina only because I don't have access to other supps. I was wondering how long can I take Fina without worrying about progresterone sides and natural test shutdown? I know it is usually 6 weeks but given my circumstances what would you all recommend. Oh and by the way I am using Fina orally and transdermally with ethanol and Isopropyl myristate. I know no one here likes either method of use but I would like to dodge needles if at all possible. My wife is ok with me taking Fina but she does not like the needle idea because of her mothers drug use. Anavar is probably too expensive for me, I am not looking to be that big just add 10 or so pounds of lean mass.

EDIT: Dont post asking for sources
Thank you very much.
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You guys have no idea how insane I am going with non responses lately. Another reason I have had to rely on my own knowledge and mostly read posts and never ask questions.
um ok bro u know that fina is the most androgenic thing out there ,it shuts u down the hardest .so witha few weeksshut down hard .the reason they say not to run it asloN (which is way over exaguretd)that long is not cuase it will shut u down after so long we allready cleared that up its cuse its hpetixicity to teh kidneys ,drink alot of water ull er fine ,i dont know what kinf of resault us goona get with that but they wont even come close to teh injects.progest erone all depends on people im not prone to it what soever u migh be who nows ,btu honestly i wouldnt worry about it .also u best be prepared cuse chances are that ur dick wont be workin for a good bit and sex drive down teh shitter ,i would runa nd recomend test with it .
if you dont want to use needles i would run about 6 weeks of winstrol with it, it is not that expensive and maby it will help your dick
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if you dont want to use needles i would run about 6 weeks of winstrol with it, it is not that expensive and maby it will help your dick

since when is Winstrol (winny) not expensive:confused:
Wow, thanks guys for worrying so much about my dick:confused: No for real though much appreciated. I know who I could ask for steroids in my area but I am afraid of asking him and sounding like a jackass. How should I go about asking him for hook ups with his source? I would like to run Winstrol (winny) but won't it get expensive for 50mg every other day? Oh and one more question I want to order liquid clen but I am not sure on the dosing because I know the pills you start out 23455664433 etc. How do you do this with the liquid clen? You guys know the site I am talking about, is all of their stuff reliable? I really don't want to misdose Clen, any help would be appreciated I am really anxious to start. Thanks.