First Cycle, need as much feedback as possible!!!!


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First cycle coming up soon, please critique!


Working out on/off since age of 17, serious for the last past 3-4yrs.


I've been on these boards for 4-5 years, have learned alot, and through that I've gained alot of useful knowledge and self-acquired self-discipline. To start it out, I used to be a semi-fatass at 220lbs(endomorph) at around 19-21%bf. Dieted down for a good 6 months, and got down to a leaner 165lbs at 13-14%bf with abs and obliques starting to shine through. Currently I'm alittle back up in weight, muscles aren't as flat as when I was dieting hard... I'm looking to put on some serious lean mass, bulk up more, eventually get up to a goal weight of 225lbs+ lean and built, with some "assistance."

I've put off my first cycle for a couple years now cuz I had that little fear of injecting a huge 1.5" needle in my freakin ass. *cough* wuss *cough* There's no place for fear anymore! I've had gear in my arsenal all this time, and I'm about to hit my very first cycle, before my gear starts expiring..LoL

I'm gonna start it off pretty simple, keep injects to a minimum to see how I respond to everything first, and spice things up more down the line in my upcoming cycles.

My first proposed cycle:

Wk 1-10 400mg/wk Test Phenylpropionate (100mg/ml Testolent)
Wk 1-10 300mg/wk Eq (50mg/ml Maxigan)
Wk 1-5 35mg/d Dbol (either Polish or Naposims)

I have Femara, Clomid, and Nolvadex. I may throw in some Winstrol (winny), fina, and Xenadrine later towards the end of the cycle.

I will have Diet in check, Milk Thistle and ALA, and most of the other precatious supps, etc.

For a cycle like this, is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) required to bring my nutz back online? Or will Clomid be enough?

Please do not suggest Test Enanthate, it is not an option at this time. Sustanon (sust) is an option however!

Please critique and explain any changes in cycle!
Thanks in Advance
I think just 400mg of testolent is fine, add in this order if you do, the EQ, then the dbol, but I would rather see you do test only. Sustanon (sust) is also and option, as there are a lot of injects with testolent, you could run one amp of Sustanon (sust) e3d.
First off.....Welcome to Steroidology !!

You say that you want to start off simple...., but you are doing 3 different compounds (with possibly more planned later, -Winny, Fina)your very first cycle.....that IS NOT SIMPLE.

I would suggest that you just do the Testolents this time, add the EQ onto your second cycle with some Test, and save the D-bols for maybe your third cycle.

If you insist on stacking the EQ with your first cycle, do yourself a favour and get some 200 mg/ml concentration stuff. Also, 400 mg/wk is more the standard starting dose for EQ.
I agre with both Bros. Don't try and do everything in one cycle. There is plenty of time to cycle and stack.

Thanks StoneColdNTO, Johnny B, and Roadhouse! I'm glad to be apart of the team here!

I will definitely be changing a few things up before I start!

Any more critique and advice welcome....

I'm also considering.... test phenylprop, fina, and dbol...

wk 1-10 100mg/EOD T. Phenylprop
wk 1-10 75-100mg/EOD Fina
wk 1-5 30mg/D DBol

This might be a better combo, also much less oil to inject! EOD injections might be a hassle, but I think it would be well worth it. Any ideas?
I would have to go with stonecold.

If this is your first cycle, go with this:

Test 500mg/week for weeks 1-10

Thats it. If you really want to, throw the dbol in for the first 4 weeks.