Free GH! Need Help!


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OK, somebody just gave me some Humatrope. It is already mixed so I have to take it now. I have searched and read tons of stuff but have some questions.

1. I finished a cycle 3 weeks ago and started clomid 3 days ago. Should I keep taking the Clomid?

2. I am thinking 2iu GH/2iu Slin in the morning and 2iu GH/8iu Slin in the afternoon. Sound good?

3. Anything else I should take with it or post cycle?

How much do you have? Do the slin/hgh post workout and one before bed.

You'll get different answers so do some research and do what you feel is best for the goals you want to reach.

well since you just came off a cycle i dont think you should start it bro. therefore i will give you my address and you can send it to me asap. lol

like johnny said . how much do you have bro
First time I am doing it, I think I have 210iu. I read supergirl and ironmasters recent discussion on this debating about the morning or night injections. I work out late afternoon so I thought post workout and bedtime would be to close together. I have been doing slin post work out 3 times a week, but I am going to step it up to everyday for this.

House1, ok send me your addy and I will get it right out....oops...oh now....sorry...I injected it.

Anyone know if I should still do the clomid or not and any post cycle advice for GH.
You don't need clomid, but I have a question. How close to bed time do you do your workout, cause slin can shut down your hgh.

JohnnyB said:
You don't need clomid, but I have a question. How close to bed time do you do your workout, cause slin can shut down your hgh.

more than that sweetie.. slin can put him into a coma and kill him!!!

so your last slin shot will be post workout!!

2ius morning with slin
2ius post workout with slin

there ya have it!!

I would continue the clomid for the 10-14 days (what you feel is necessary) one does not have anything to do with the other..

You really should be on test or something of the like while on your gh... especially if using slin..

There is no post gh cycle therapy... if you run an Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) with it, there is your normal recovery after...

ALSO IMO... if you are running this combo everyday.. that yields you 52 days.. roughly 7.5 weeks which is NO where long enough for a gh cycle.. better get some more :) however with the slin and a possible aas, you will see gains.. even in that short of a period.. you will not see the "magic" of gh in that short of time frame, but you will have gains..

I hope that answered your q's :)
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Didn't want to get to the coma part until we knew how long before bed he took it. Don't you think with him working out in the evening that a bed time injection of hgh would be better then the slin post workout. But I guess the key would be how close to bed time does he workout.

I have been taking slin post workout for a few months now. I have always been very careful. I inject about 5 hours before bed.

The guy that gave me this takes it for medical reasons. He thought he was doing me a favor by going ahead a mixing it, so I have to start now. I just came off of a sust/dbol cycle about 3 weeks ago so I was not planning on getting back on test this soon. That is why I was just going to run it with slin. I know 7.5 weeks is not long enough for GH but hey, it was free. I may or may not be able to get more by then.

If my workout ends 5 hours before bed, do you think I should take the GH then or at bed?

Like I said I just finished a sust/dbol cycle 3 weeks ago, but what do you think about getting back on during the GH? Maybe 500 eth/week.
I'd do it at bed time, did he mix it all up? If so I hope he used BW and at tha it'll only last 14 days maybe more.

Yep, he mixed it all. He takes it for pituitary problems and takes 15iu a day. He said it was a 2 week supply. That is where I came up with 210iu (15x14). I drew out 100iu today just to see and easily had half left. I am gong to go on the Lilly web site to see what info they have on shelf life.