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Hey guys, im planning on taking 7iu's/day of GH for 8 months. I dont wanna take any anabolics with it because im scared of losing my hair (scalp is getting thinner with every cycle). What kind of results do you think i can get off just GH alone? Any experiences?

thanks guys!
Fat loss and some lean muscle mass. that is if your diet and training are in check. Of course the less bf you have the better the result. I am ramping it up myself. You aren't going to start off at 7IU are you? Also what kind (brand) of gh are you going to use?
I did exactly what you are claimimg to do. I got the worse case of carpol tunnel ! You aree FAR BETTER TAKING IT SLOW ! Start with 2 iu's and each month increase by 1 to half iu ! Your body, joints and internal organs will thank you ! I also stress you should take some test with it as well ! Good luck, remember a little goes a long way !
im takin jinotropin and thanks MLB, ill be takin it slow, probably start at 2iu's and then slowly increase the dosage. Im thinkin bout takin igf-1 LR3 with it at 40mcg (20 two times a day). I dont wanna touch the test cause of the hair. Do u guys think i can get some decent results with this combo? id probably be happy with gainin 5-10 pounds and gettin more lean.
I honestly feel you are pissing away half of it if you are just looking for fat loss.

With LR3, you won't need half as much then anyway. Generally, people run 2-3ius for fat loss. I like 3. 4 or more for gains. I haven't noticed a bit of difference in fat loss between 3-5iu.

So save your cash.

Have you ever run test before? How do you know it will hurt your hairline? Ever thought of running propecia with it? Lots of guys use finasteride when cycling something that is hard on their hairline. Test is not genreally seen as being that hard on the hairline.

Use an anti-estrogen to combat it as well.

What experience do you have?
Iam using jin right now. Starting at 3IU is good. I am just started to feel the numbness and joints after 2-1/2wks. Iam keeping it at 3IU split 1.5IU in the am and another 1.5IU mid-day. I will increase it after 4wks to 4IU and keep it there for another 4wks and then up to 5IU. I would at least run a low dosage of test along with it or a cycle.