Happy as Hell!


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Hey Bros,

I just wanted to say that I am happy as hell, I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. I sent my money on Monday and my gear shipped out on Tuesday and I got my stuff on Thursday. After much research and reading I got what I wanted and I am starting my cycle on Monday next week. I had to wipe the drool of my face as I was opening my package and saw my beautiful babies neatly packaged in bubble wrap. I can't wait to start, my stuff from getpinz should be coming in today and I should be all set to go on Monday.

I just thought I would share this with you Bros.

Sup Easto,

What I got is:

10 ml of 500mg/ml EQ and 10 ml of 400mg/ml Test Prop.

I plan on doing:

500 mg/wk EQ for 10 weeks
200 mg/twice a week Prop for 10 weeks
Clomid post cycle weeks 13-15

I think this is a good cycle for quality muscle and good strength with low sides.
I agree with Easto.
Maybe you should have picked Enanthane or Cyp.
Prop needs at least EOD administration.
This is my first cycle and I wanted to add some test along with EQ. I've read that this is a good combination. If you guys think that I should at least do it EOD then I will order another bottle. My thoughts were to do Prop Monday and Thursday, I figure 500 mg of EQ and 400 mg PROP a week is a good cycle for a rookie.
I guess I only wanted to inject 2 times a week, injecting myself ED or EOD is a lot for me, remember I am a newbie. I will do 100mg EOD of Prop then if you think it's best. I understand the short life of prop in the body and the reasoning behind injecting more frequently. I was just trying to keep from doing a lot of injections and I figured higher dosage would also work.
Thanks for you info and suggestions, I am here to learn.
If you don't want to do ED or EOD day injections, don't use the Prop. You can save it for a future cycle and for your first, use Cyp or Enan.
Thats why I suggested longer acting esters like Cyp and Enanthane. Or even Sus.
First timers dont wanna do alot of injections but Prop would need more frequent shots.
pplazas said:
Sup Easto,

What I got is:

10 ml of 500mg/ml EQ and 10 ml of 400mg/ml Test Prop.

Who is the manufacturer of this gear. Never seen those concentrations before.:confused:
Thanks Bros! I can't wait till monday, I went by CVS yesterday and got a box of alcohol pads and picked up a little storage box I saw to keep my gear and pinz and stuff. I talked it over with my wife and she's fine with it as long as I'm safe with it.

There is no manufacturer, gear is made from raw powders. That's what I was told and other satisfied customers that I spoke with said nothing but great things about the gear, service and the person. I'll just have to wait and see for myself.
Whooee! 400mg/ml test prop? The highest I ever used was 200/ml, and that was the most painful thing I ever put in me. I've made my own, too, and I won't go above 100/ml. Takes to much BA/BB to get it into solution.
Be prepared for a sting; if there's no pain, you may have been scammed. Let me know, bro.

The EQ should dissolve out fine at that concentration.
Iceburg said:
Who is the manufacturer of this gear. Never seen those concentrations before.:confused:

ok, well I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that.

400mgs/ml is going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. My homebrew prop was at 100mgs/ml and I had to add 7.5% BA to keep that shit in solution....and it's a pretty painful shot I must say. But my muscles are getting used to the BA now....(hey, atleast I know it's sterile :D ). Anyway man, good luck with your cycle....and make sure to rotate injec. sites if you're shooting eod...don't re-shoot if they're sore.....insulin pinz are the best ones for quads and delts.
Now I am starting to worry about the Prop, is it that uncommon to see it in a 400mg/ml solution? On the list there was both the 200mg/ml and the 400mg/ml, he was just out of the 200 and said I could wait for the raw to get to him and have some later or get the 400 now. I plan on doing .25ml EOD (100mg EOD) hopefully it will just sting a little. You all are making me wanna go and try the gear now and forget about waiting till monday just to make sure that it is good. I hope it is good.