Help again please?


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Hey, I was just wondering about dosage consumption on te following:


Its going to be my first cycle, and im going to cycle them alongside Clen T3.

Winny 1-6weeks...would i havr to take 1 Winstrol (winny) tab a day?
Also, How much fina should I INJECT?
PumpBreezer said:
Tren on first cycle:( Go with a good mass cycle like Deca/test/dbol as first cycle!

Agreed. Sides are too pervalant for fina for your first cycle, not to mention the pin cushion factor.

I suggest:

Test Enth. 500mg EW
EQ 400mg EW
dbol 30mg ED

*Then your post cycle meds.
Bro if it is your first cycle I would not overload with too much shit, your body will respond well to a mild cycle with low to moderate dosage. I would not do Deca on a first cycle, it is very hard on the body.
Go with Test/Eq & you could add some d-bol 20-25mgs./ED for the first 4 weeks of your cycle.
I partially agree with the above posts, Winstrol (winny) and fina arent a good choice for a good cycle. Plus running any cycle without test will suck bad when you lose all of your sex drive a few weeks in. Most beginners go with test 500mg per week and dbol 30mg per day weeks 1-4, and can gain up to 30lbs on just those 2 compounds. I really think 3 drugs for a first cycle are not necessary at all
Why would he want to start with a bulking cycle..he's obviously trying to cut..

I would say try Clen/winny maybe some test or EQ or both too.
Thanks D hero, you're right, Im obviously trying to cut!!

Im aiming to lose weight(fat) in stone, stats are :

Male, 20
5ft 9inches

My research has indicated that Fina and Winstrol (winny) are popular choices when cutting!
Also, the clen/t3 will aid with dieting!

Ive definitely decided Im going to use winny-FINA

Now, i dont feel any test, Dbol is necessary as i DONT WANT TO GAIN MASS, WEIGHT OR BULK ETC!!

EQ maybe??

Now will Winstrol (winny) and Fina really affect my sex drive?

If it does then cialis should help with this.

Any other suggestions anybody, its ok to criticize and i accept it positively as im a beginner and many of you bros are experienced pros and i appreciate the advice.
fina will definitley effect sex drive without any test, i used Winstrol (winny) for the first time, 6 days in a quit it cuz my joints were aching. Winstrol (winny) is very harsh overall on the body. Try a Test Prop/Fina cycle. 100mg eod prop/75-150 eod of fina.
Go with a Test/EQ combo, if you have never done EQ, you will like the results. It will get you that lean, vascular look. You will gain quality muscle that you will easily keep on, and that stack will not be too hard on your body.
Ok how about I cycle Winstrol (winny), EQ, Tren, and also throw in some test!

Which test will be the best in helping me cut up!

Im not interested in cutting up!

Please recommend a test which will not affect my sex drive
Bro, this is your first cycle you don't have to do all of that. Test/Eq and you will be fine. Winstrol (winny) will kill your joints & I would not recommend tren on a first cycle. I would go with Enan. or Cypionate. for the Test.
I am going to train for an hour on mon, wed, and FRI.

Also, going to start cardio onother days
Test is not used just for bulk my friend. Any drug can be used to cut weight, dbol, test, fina, Winstrol (winny). fina and Winstrol (winny) just tend to be more popular b/c they dont cause bloat or estrogen related fat storages b/c they do not aromatize. however, using a good anti-aromatase, such as arimidex or letrozole, will keep estrogen at bay.

the purpose of the steroids in cutting diets are not for bulking or really for cuting, they are for keeping the muscle you already have and not burning it.

now off my soapbox.