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I can't get motivated to go to the gym. For the past six months I have been on a downward spiral. I am going to the gym less and less. my diet has gone to shit. The worse it gets the less I care. my work outs are getting shorter and less intense. What motivates you guys? how can I resolve my situation? How can I regain the passion I used to have for the iron?:gives: :thinking:
hey bro.
theres plenty of ways to motivate yourself........park in a fast food resturant, and watch who walks in and out. you want to look like most of those people?
after that, stop by the gym. watch those doors for a little while....

if you had the fire before, then theres no reason not to pick it up again. get a decent training partner. someone who will push you and cajole you if you miss sessions, or go easy on yourself.

let your girlfriend rub the building layers of fat youre aquiring while being a couch stud.

seriously bro, this is a tough one. the motivation to bodybuild comes from inside. its a solitary way of life that most dont understand. all you have to motivate you IS YOU.

now, get up off your ass, and go to the gym.

peace I4L
Look in the mirror and see what a disgusting slob you've become....

.......then think back and remember how you used to look.

That should do it !!
Maybe your body is telling you something?

Why not just take a break from it all for a week or two?
StoneColdNTO said:
Look in the mirror and see what a disgusting slob you've become....

.......then think back and remember how you used to look.

That should do it !!

I like that one.....that should be motivation enough!!!:laugh3:
Looking in the mirror and noting where I think I look good and where I want to improve motivates me.

Getting looks from cuties motivates me.

Seeing people that are out of shape or in shape motivates me.

Being stronger and/or looking better than the vast majority of people motivates me.

I think its kind of a question of priorities. Do you want to be healthy, in shape, and looking good - or not? If not, why? Laziness is the only real answer. No excuses. I trained consistently during a year that I billed about 3000 hours and had a commute to work. If it is important to you to get the benefits of training, you WILL find that time and motivation to get it done.

It is much easier to be fat and out of shape. But most things that are worthwhile are hard. Just make a choice that you are going to get results from dedication and intensity, its the only way.
I hear you snake. After a shoulder injury, I was sidelined for about a year. I could not work out and instead of at least doing cardio, I let my body go to fat. My re-motivation came from going through my closet and looking at my clothes, especially pants that I could not fit into anymore. Now, I am back lifting hard.
thanx fellas,
I used to be so motivated. I think I am about to reach the breacking point of non motivation. Where I am sick and tired of being lazy. my girfriend actually commented on my love handles and my every increasing waist size.(she does all my clothes shopping) I am going to hit the gym tonight and then some bball.
then I will watch fight club over and over. that one used to always motivate me. Don't ask me why it just did.
I'll see if I can find the motivation to keep you guys posted on my progress.

Thanks for the resonses. later