help...this freaked me out


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well guys i got home today and went to give myself a shot of test enth 250 mg... well i aspirated and blood came back up so i threw the whole thing away and drew another one... Well the second try i got blood again when i aspirated so i drew out now there is a bump on my ass where i put the needle in...This happened about 20 min the bump has went down but this is freakin me out never ever have i drew blood before this is my first so is this bump anything to worry about.... thanks for all ur help bro...

No. You've got a hematome in your ass (heme= , oma=mass). So it's like a big space-occupying bruise. Not to worry, your body will resorb the blood in time.
You may need to review your anatomy, and watch your needle placement. Stay lateral on the buttocks!
bro, put wet clay over it and wrap the area with elastic bandage. chop up a purple onion and mix it into the clay. it will redduce inflamation and draw out all the dead blood cells. otherwise its gonna heal slower. PM me if you want details, i dont want to take up too much space here just to have you laugh your ass off. but if you are interested i will tell you how to do it.
No, but you might have to get Lisa Bonet to sacrifice a chicken!!

Only kidding!! Home remidies are sme of the best medicine around!
yeah, i use clay for everything. its pretty solid shit. if it didnt work do you all think id leave myself open to smart ass comments like brooklyns? but it works so i dont mind getting laughed at if theres a chance someone can benefit from it. of course first you have to put your skepticism aside. no worries brooklyn, i was skeptical too the first time i used it. and i probably made a smart ass remark too.
dont throw juice away because you get blood,,, just hit a different spot and shoot,, its your blood just put it back in a new spot,, never waste gear,, its like a sin or something