help with my training split please!


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i have kickboxing training on tuesday and thursday and brazillian ju jitsu on saturdays

now, all we really do is push ups/situps and mostly cardio(punching bag, jumping jacks, skipping), along with technique of course

now i need to work in some gym time without overtraining, what do you guys suggest
I suggest 2 fullbody workouts a week , one heavier and the other lighter , keep volume low to avoid O.T !
full-body workouts or 2 upper body and 1 lower body .. my legs get a taxing from kicking, jumping, skipping, etc
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honestly i have the same problem except i have kung fu on Saturday nights and monday nights and weds as well i train one day a week and have been gaining from it it should a be whole body workout i usually train on thursday here is my workout routine

Bench press: roughly 3 to 4 sets
Barbell rows: 3 to 4 sets
Bicep curls: 2 warm-up 1 to failure
Bent-over dumbell deadlifts-3 to 4 sets
100 to 200 free wieght Squats

This is what works for me if i were you i would try to squeeze it into sunday if you can or just split the routine into 2 days but just remember keep it simple and not too many exercises or you will overtrain hope this helps