help with what gear i want to pick


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money is not a problem im i have just under a grand to work with but what should i get? Im 6'0 230 btwn 12%-16% bodyfat what i want to do is be round 240 but have my body fat under 10%.
my diet take in round 250-300 grams of protein a day
carbs are all complex carbs except i have round 50 carbs that are shitty in my protein drink that i have right after i work out figure the sugars might help get the protein into my muscles faster and it makes it taste better too.i usually take in round 200-300 carbs a day. Ive been running this diet for a couple of months now and it is working for me strength and fat loss too..
If this is your first cycle you can get test enanthate 250, clomid, nolva, L-dex......for around 375 all together....something like that. Of course Im considering that you use 500mg of test for ten weeks.....enough nolva on hand for four months........and 36 pills of clomid.....and l-dex for bloat and other unwanted sides. Just my 2 cents
400-500mg Test Enan per week should give you good gains.
Hopefully you know about Nolvadex, clomid, and liquidex (if wanted). Remember, when you run a cycle, diet is the key thing.
Go with Test like stated above, if money is no object and you want the best go with ICN's Enan. 250, they are KILLER!!! I would get enough to do 500mgs./week for about 10 weeks. Also, as stated, which is very important get your post cycle gear; clomid, nolvadex and possibly Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), these things are an important part in keeping your gains along with proper diet and rest!!!
Looks like you've got three solid answers, nothing else comes to mind.......great advice guys !!

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thnks appreciate the help. one of my buddies said to go with stack decca 200/finaplix/winni/and prop.what u guys think. im 20....
no need for that many drugs in a first cycle. stick to test for now. your buddy giving advise wouldnt be your supplier would he??
oh i thought that was your first cycle. my bad. i still would use that much. maybe 500 test 400 eq or something similar. like switch the eq with deca or tren or dbol or Winstrol (winny), depends on your goals. but i think id stick with 500 mg test a week and throw in a good anabolic at 400 mg for your second.
no need for decca and eq. pic one or the other. if going for all out mass use decca. if water retention is not wanted use eq. youll also recover from the eq faster so id use that. you could use the fina with prop, since your injecting everyday. but i wouldnt use all three. (anyone who knows my first cycle plan must be thinkin what a fuckin hypocrite right now)
you shouldnt do that much all at once because you wont need that much right now. you can only gain so much on a cycle, if you used 5 different drugs youd have minimal gains over asimple test decca or test eq cycle at this point. certain drugs shut your natuaral test down harder than others so you might want to avoid those. decca and tren being 2 of the worst. 17 aa orals are liver toxic so you realy shouldnt run them throughout a full cycle, and at this point i think a good anabolic to go with the test would be better than using dbol or drol to kickstart or Winstrol (winny) at the end. I understand you have a lot to spend but dont waste it save it for later when you need that much to grow. if i were you id do :
test 500 mg wk
eq 400 mg wk
both for 10 weeks.

if you already have the deca you can replace the eq with that, the results will be similar in the end.