hey all power guys got supp questions.


I am banned!
what do you guys use (over the counter) to get going when you are doing strength experiments on your body! ive hit a platue i elievein strength and am looking of a legal non steroidal supp that is preffered by champs.any suggestions?i used to love that drink ultimate orange but thats long gone! so anyway appreciate your time!
you mean before a workout or long term........i use ephidrine / caffeiene before i wokout.....and the only thing i would spend cash on is creatine.for over the counter it's pretty good........
NYC preworkout
Slin PW for enhanced recovery (you may consider that steriodal though)
If not slin, large doses or ALA seem to actually help some
-when using slin or ALA, I feel fill and more pumped up and the strength just seems to boost. Maybe its from supersaturated glycogen stores, or maybe just a placebo effect from feeling full.

Id say creatine, but Ive never noticed anything from it