HGH Dosage for muscle gains / Time ?


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I need god feedback - here is the situation. I have been taking HGH along with IGF-1, and various gear. My gains have been consistant, my body fat has dropped a good bit, I have become very vasculiar (due to IGF-1, lower BF). I read many different things about GH, and the levels of iu's to take for muscle growth. Does anyone have sound advice on the amounts of GH and lenght of time you should be on growth to see quality growth size. I really need to hear feedback. I currently just recieved 400 iu's of growth, and I am wondering how to cycle it. I have been just taking 5 iu's daily. Thank you guys for the advice !
Give us some more back ground....

How long have you been on it? Are you using it in a cycle?

5ius ED is a good dose. Are you using Slin and t3??
I dont think you need T3 only if you check your tyroid values and they are low but that usually happends after 6months or more so if you run HGH for 6months you can take a small dose of T4 because remember to much t3 is not good with growth.
Same with slin i think that a good dose of r-ala is enough the first maybe 2months and after that you can switch to slin but its defenetly not a must.
and 5ius is agood dose. But you should be on HGH for at least 6months some people say that the lenght of the cycle is more important then the dose.

And take Test with your growth and if you use lr3igf-1 with HGH in cycles then you can lower the dose of hgh while on igf-1
I am taking test with it, as of now I will be taking my last shot of IGF. I will be off of it just because I have been on it fromn April or so. I was told it was good to stop taking it due to shutting down my recptors. I have been taking the growth for about 5 month now. I am not taking any slin or t3. To scared to do slin !
Great article on t3, yet slin I just do not know enough about and have heard scary things on this board about it, if I were to make one mistake or my caloric intake not correct or in time I might be dialing 911, and with a wife and two girls that might not look so good and be very difficult to explain ! I gues I am more comfortable with takig the GH , GEAR and IGF combo. Yet it is the HGH and Gear (test) combo I am looking for advice on and how to utilize the info so I can truly reap good benefits ! Have any of you taken t3 with the growth ? What will it really do ?