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what is the general thought on gains on hgh, when do you start to see them, been on for 7 days, 5on 2 0ff, so 7 injections, and dont really see any difference, although i am dieting hard and noticing my body become more cardiovascular, but i think that is du to the dieting and training, plus other supplements, what is some of your thoughts, thanks bros,,
bronco944 said:
you got a ways to go before you see any noticable difference.
Yup, have to agree. You won't really see gains, if your looking for big gains you might want to think about adding slin. Do a lot of research first. JMO

i have done some research, and i am using slin, started out and am up to 8iu a day post workout, using, test suspension, Winstrol (winny), and arimadex, and tren, right now,
the main thing your probubly going to notice is fat loss, wich will probubly begin towards the end of the first month.
i hear ya house, sucks hearing everyone else get good results and helping them when ya cant do it yourself.
Okay I have asked this before on another thread and got totally ignored, but how much is hgh? I hear you have to buy kits, so how many kits would I need for three or four months, plus where would I get the antibac water needed for mixing? and how much per kit? I think I would rather do gh than test right now from what I have been reading lately.
the water usually comes with it, hgh varies depending on who you get it for and what brand, anywhere from 400-55- for some 126 iu kits, or for jinotropin 100iu, from 2.50 and iu-3.00 an iu, i think the least you could use is 4iu a day, so thats 20 a week, so for 3 months 240iu roughly, plus i would use test with the hgh, and slin among other things, if you spend the $ do it right, pm me any questions you might have i am no pro but maybe i could help u out
i just started up my self yesterday 6 ius a day 3am/3pm. since starting i have been tired and very laxed. i am also running prop and Winstrol (winny).

from what i understand and have read 6 months is ideal run, but no less than 3 months. i cant take the cahnce of adding slin into the equation, since my fathers side of the family is diabetic. All the men got hit with it betwwen their 30-40's. i still have a few years to go, till i get there, but just cant take a chance.
Is it just me or does everyone get tired while on GH... I tried afternoon injections for like a week. It was a nightmare. I was so tired I didn't feel like doing anything.
yeah, that's a a problem for me...I get so tired on my way to the office that I have been thinking about taking the dose at nighttime...