HIIT Cardio, The best Cardio for weight loss ?


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I know hiit is great for fat loss but how does it compare to normal exercise for fitness? I am currently trying to loose a bit of fat but mainly improve my fitness as there is a run i would like to do in november.


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HIIT is the shit..its better than boring ass elipticals and treadmills.. i use it during the spring and summer months to cut up... i warm up for ten minutes on apunching bag or if i have to a treadmill. i get my weight lifting done similtaniously so im not spending 2 hours in the gym either... for example on back days ill do 5 sets of close grip pull done superseted with burpees... then 5 sets of rows superseted with snatches or another full body plyo movement like box jumps.... then ill do 5 sets of wide grip pulldowns superseted with cable rows and then do situps or body squats i try and keep my ratio 1min to 1 min rest:Puke:..... its hard to do more than 5 days a week but it can be done if u break it up.. i useully go from 12% to 7-8% with no change in diet after my winter bulking... yuppppp!!
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I am a big fan of hit. Train in short bursts like a lion and grow like a lion. What im saying is i believe in shorter more intense training sessions that push your muscles beyond uncomfortable. Eat more, sleep more and train less allowing muscles ample time for recovery. I think its a good theory! I also know that you should do whatever works for you.
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HIIT is my favorite. I have had a lot of success with it. I do a 5:00 HIIT finisher after I lift. I push a prowler sled with low weight for a 15 second sprint then walk it for 45 second. Then 30 second sprint 30 second walk. 45 second sprint 15 second walk. 30 second sprint 30 walk. 15 second sprint and finish with 45 second walk. This equals 5 minutes. You can also mix it up, some days I do the same thing with a jumprope or on a row machine.

Quit running so far and for so long. Has anybody seen an olympic marathoner and said i want to have that body! No! well not me at least.


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Thanks for all the great information you ladies are posting on this forum. Although I have been training and working out for years it is always nice to get new ideas and remotivated.


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Wow, I did HIIT training 8 years ago when I lost 25lbs over the summer and didn't even know it. Sprint the straight parts, jog the hills.


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I just introduced HIIT (sprint 8's) alongside a diet change (carb cycling) and I have broken through a plateau in my weight loss journey. Great info, thanks!


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Run/Jog 1-2 Miles 3 days a week first thing in the morning on a empty stomach , Lift weights 6x a week 45/75 Min
Ripped in no time if your eating right ~~


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Great post. I recently started doing HIIT. It seems like it's much easier to come up with a lot of variety in a single workout over traditional cardio. I've been incorporating burpees,box jumps,jump roping, squat jumps, kettle bell swings and rowing.

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I've had varying success with HIIT (mostly treadmill work). About 4 month ago I started my version of HIIT swimming which is epic challenging. I swim 100m all out then rest and repeat for a 1000m.


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There was a great tv program on PBS a few weeks ago, Michael Moseley on Excercise - and one of the programs he looked into HIIT training and visited several universities - got blood tests done and it was fascinating the effect it had on the human body.

They found that 3 sets of 20 seconds going gangbusters - all you can give it - for just three days a week had a huge impact on triglycerides and increased insulin sensitivity by 25%.

That was all that was needed to break down the muscles glycogen stores and cause the muscles to start sucking up nutrients from the bloodstream.

I would strongly recommend that you watch it. Whether you follow the advice or not - i think the program is worth a viewing.

Also, there was another michael moseley program on fasting. That was also very very interesting in terms of its effects in a positive way on the body.