HIIT Cardio, The best Cardio for weight loss ?


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I always do my cardio either in the morning or after a workout. I remember reading somewhere that doing cardio takes away the glycogen needed for a workout. Is this correct P? I am always beat after a workout but I know the cardio has to be done

Cardio is one of the best exercise if it is done in specific frequency and duration of time because it has so many benefits. Some of those are as follows:
Reduction in blood pressure
Increased aerobic work capacity
Decreased total cholesterol
Increased heart function
Decreased body fat stores


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For me 20mins of HIIT 3x/week is hard to recover from because its high intensity. I therefore prefer 45mins of low/moderate intensity cardio 3-4x/week.


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Yeah High intensity cardio is less boring. Am big fan of it.
I do encouraging my friends too for HIIT cardio. Do it you will enjoy


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15 seconds rests is not HIIT. The purpose of the rest periods is to give the ATP-CP system time to recover, keeping your body in an anaerobic state and preventing lactic acid build up... 15 second breaks is not enough time to do this, you need at least 30 second breaks.


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The main advantage is amount of oxygen your body can use is increased, so your overall aerobic capacity can increase faster than with low intensity endurance exercise.


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I personally believe some steady state is still good, sometimes its good just to get in a zone and relax for a couple mile run


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I like to alternate my rounds of HIIT. One round battling rope, rest, one round jumping rope, rest, rinse, repeat. I love doing battling rope but I have a bad shoulder and it can burn out quick. This way I can go for longer periods without burning out, keeping my heart pumping longer.

Any opinions on my methodology?


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As i ve been working out at a crossfit box HIIT is kinda of our second moto
most Workouts of the Day are based on this type of exercice
metabolic conditioning can really "cut" you and with only 3 HIIT type Workouts a week
you will feel a lot healthier... and lighter of course


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can someone give me some HIIT workouts to do?

I read the intro sticky but am confused.....only workout I read is jog 45 sec and sprint 15


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can someone give me some HIIT workouts to do?

I read the intro sticky but am confused.....only workout I read is jog 45 sec and sprint 15

Type A: Sprint 15 seconds and recover (jog) for 45 seconds.
Type B: 25 minutes of steady state cardio (light paced jog).
Type C: 1 minute sprint and recover (job) for 1 minute.

You begin with a warm up for 2 minutes and then perform 8 sets of this Type A, for a total workout of 10 minutes.
Then you move onto Type B for 25 minutes.
Then you move onto Type C for 10 minutes.
Finish with a 4 minute cool down of light jogging, slowly reducing speed to a comfortable walk.
Total time spend is 51 minutes if you include the warm up and cool down.

For me (just did this today), it was 3.5mph for the warm up with Type A being 9.0 sprint and 5.5 jog. Type B was 4.5, but I could only do 10 minutes and my legs were burning - needing to stretch them out again. I then Type C was 7.5 and 5.0.


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Great Sticky, only comment I would make is that it is well known now that transient increases in GH do not affect total body composition in the slightest.


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I try to do a bit of HIIT, 10-15 mins a day to burn some fat but I want to keep on whatever size I currently have. Anyone have any good tips to integrate just enough HIIT in to a program and not lose so much size and weight? In my past, all of my attempts to burn fat have made me lose any size I would put on from month or years of working out. Thanks!


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Simply, There is a long running debate among Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals about which cardio is best for fat loss, High intensity interval training or Standard aerobic based steady state cardio like swimming, cycling, and running. However, the truth about fat loss is that it's not a simple one size fits all.