HIIT Cardio


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Does anyone have any experience with this? Has it worked well? I think im gonna start doing this tommorrow
I have heard alot of good things about i never have tried it myself, but I know alot of people that like it.
I can't recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) highly enough. Its almost all I do for cardio, its so damn good. The catch is - it's hard.:eek: Like most things worth doing.

I'll have to look up some studies and post them.

In one study, "The HIIT group lost over 3 times as much subcutanious fat as the ET group despite of only expending less than half as many Calories." See http://www.exrx.net/FatLoss/HIITvsET.html

In another study, HIIT was found to be NINE times as effective as regular level-resistance cardio for fat burning.

I occasionally do sprints, more often I just do the "Hill" program on the older model lifecyle I bought on ebay. Two 18 minute sessions on level 9-11.
I have read all of the reports and heard all of the people talking about the benefits of sprints or interval training and have done some myself. I haven't had the breakthrough results like people who like them talk about but i also have not fully subscribed to them. I always wonder how will High intensity sprints effect my recouperation from my leg workouts. Does anybody have any thoughts on that aspect. I am not against them or for them i just wonder if they might be counter productive towards the leg growth.:afro:
Not that anyone cares, but my cardiologist told me to do something along the lines of HIIT.

I was told to keep my pulse up at 70-80% for 20-30 mintues per day, everyday. Said studies keep coming out showing it's a lot better for the heart than the oldschool 60% aerobics...

At first it was a bit strange for me to keep my pulse up at 160 for 30 minutes, but I got used to it...