holy crap what did I miss

Brock Landers

New member
hey bros
you can all imagine my surprise when i came home from a three week vacation and attempted to log on to musclezine.com and it said the page no longer existed. Luckily i received an email from biggie one day later to explain it. Holy shit was I baffled though when the page didn't come up. Hello to everyone again, I think I might need a little more filling in, but its good to see you all again!
Good to see you to Brock.

Obviously the whole story is very long but there are bits and pieces of what happened over at MZ and a little bit here.

The bottom line is this is a new site with basically the same amazing mods but without Amaf. Which means a lot of you would have saw what happened at the old site.
thank you for the heads up biggie

its great to see all of you again, I thought I was gonna toss my comp out the window when the site wouldn't load:D