how do u know when ur overtraining



i have been doin the one muscle a day and do 5 excercises per body part. i do three sets each excercise. how do u know when u are overtraining?
Insomina, decrease in weight you are lifting. Eleveated morning heart pulse. Ligament and tendon soreness.....etc

If you think you are overtraining then take a week off or something. Also check your diet to see if you are getting the proper nutriton.
Are you doing 5 excercises for tris and bis?
Whats your current split?
monday back
tuesday chest
wed legs
thurs shoulders
fri bis and tris
i do 4 excercises for bis and 4 or 5 for tris usually depending on how they feel. I am thinking of changing it up so i can do each body part twice a week. I don't have any of those symptoms really except for insomnia but school will do that to ya.
I find training 5 days in a row is very taxing on the body. I do a 4 day split. 2 on 1 off and it does the job for me. Also you don't need a larger volume of sets to get bigger gains. Do you train to failure on everything?
on my core lifts i train mostly to failure such as bench and squat. i stay in the 8-10 rep range bc i feel that i don't feel it when i don't push myself for 10 on a really high weight. today i tried the 5x5 on my bench and i am not sore at all. not feeling anything.
Are you going 5 reps max u can't do any reps right after.....Also soreness isnt a sign of progress. I can have a dam good work out and not be sore and others times I can be stiff. Being sore is just latic acid in the muscle.
in ability to sleep or get good sleep
exhaustion in the morning
painfully sore *not in a good way* for more then 3-4 days
Wow..5 exercises for every body part......

I do only 3 exercises.....I learned that if I would do 5 I would stop growing and be more overtrained...
Yes..except Back and legs....everything else 3 exercises....

Legs I do 6 and that includes 2 exercises for calves...
Back I do 5 depends bro....

You have to listen to your own body....when you feel tired from the day before then rest.....

I always rest after chest/bicep day or back day since I do them very intense...
I will tell you what.......I never do more then 3 exercies for biceps and them hard and intense and you won't have to do more exercises.....
yea i started a new split and did chest and tris yesterday. thought i wasn't gonna be sore but holy fuckin shit my body kills bro. i did the 5x5 bench, started out light with 225 did it slow and concentrated, then dumbell incline with 80,85, 90 all for 10 then decline, sets of 10, then finished off with some heavy flys my chest is killin me, then did tris and they were already sore, the first time yesterday i worked on my form because i have big tris but no definition. started out with pushdowns first set warm up with 15 tri was already pumped worked on form and by my last set they were dead, then did skulls slow and concentrated and i was using likght weight but it was really hard. usually i see poeple in the gym loading on the weight and have shit form but i worked on mine went light and it killed. then i did rope slow light weight and held at the bottom. really got a good workout. plus i am 19 so my body may heal a lil faster.