how many u guys on qv eq right now

not all QV EQ is underfilled. I have come into contact with approximately 6 bottles, all correctly filled, and everybody who tried it, loved the stuff
I just took my 2nd shot of 1000mgs. So I'm 8 days into my cycle. My strength is up! My weight is up 10lbs, and the pain is nothing!

I cant believe how scared you guys had me! I am shotting 3ccs in my quads and a cc in my delt! I felt a little soreness, but nothing like 1cc of t-400

QV is the bomb!!
raw lifter 1 said:
I never herd of anyone getting pain from qv eq :confused:

You're joking right?? Search the archives here and over on EF...the pain is well documented on the 50cc jugs!
Hey lawnsaver its ok, you saw the E and thought Enanthate. LOL, if I was on it I would be thinking about it all day also.
well, speaking of QV Enanthate. I am currently using the QV Enanthate, batch QV004, 50mL jug, the one everybody talks about and i have no pain. maybe a little bit of sorenedd next day, btu no worse than anything else, most likely from the needle.
Wartime100 said:
I will be running 20 weeks of qv eq @600mg a week starting in about a month.

Me too Bro!!!!!! Along with some ICN's & LFC Tren. I will also throw in some Naps for the first 6 weeks.;)
Just two weeks in, so it hasn't kicked in yet......can't wait for my pumps to start! :D